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ZEMPR's Past Projects


The DietSkan is a dietary intake measuring system which utilizes a special scanner attached to a digital device and computes the intake statistics from the data. The system is capable of swiftly and accurately obtain the nutritional contents and the physical volume of the food.

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Project DHS is about designing a wand which is based on enhanced particle liberation and collection due to ionic boundary layer thinning and electrostatically enhanced collection onto a functionalized porous substrate. The electronic system is used to pump the air into a chamber until it reaches the threshold pressure and when a push button is pressed, a solenoid in the device gets pulsed and opens to release the air in the chamber.

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Interested in working with ZEMPR on a Project?

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OstomyTech is a better solution for stoma management. Our individual wafer fitting system aims at bettering the user experience by improving the fitting precision, and, its accessibility and mobility lowers the long-term care costs. OstomyTech can help stoma patients regain their independence and rebuilds their psychological well-being.



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The Electronic Environmental Surveillance System (EESS) consists of a smartphone or a tablet, which includes a GPS sensor and wireless connection via a cellular and a Wi-Fi chip, a database server to store and process the data on the cloud, and the main EESS processing algorithm

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