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ZEMPR offers a variety of services suited towards helping small businesses grow their brand. Our services are grouped into two main categories: Product Development and Software Development. Each of these categories is broken into subsections. Within Product Development, our main service is circuit design for many types of circuits. In terms of Software Development, we offer a range of services including app, web, and database design.

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Product Development

Electronic Circuit

Circuit Design

ZEMPR is a business development company associated with the Sensors, Energy & Automation Lab within the Electrical Engineering department of the University of Washington. Thus, circuit design is one of our strengths. The circuit design process begins with a design specification from the customer. From there we produce a technical proposal that strives to meet the specifications. If the proposal is approved, the next step is the creation of the actual schematic circuit design.  

Customers can expect a structurally sound circuit design that meets the requirements. During the creation process, ZEMPR is responsive to customer questions and demands, allowing the final product to truly match the customers' needs.

The circuit design can be for a stand-alone circuit or as a control for a larger product such as a:

  • measuring tool

  • internet of things device

  • biomedical instrument

  • micro-electro-mechanical systems

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Software Development


App Design

With the rise of smartphones, mobile applications have become increasingly important for businesses of all kinds. Many consumers rely on mobile apps to access company information meaning that good app design is critically important to a small business’s ability to appeal to modern-day consumers. ZEMPR can design both iOS and Android applications, bringing mobile access to the business to the vast majority of end-users. The first step in our process is identifying the problems and needs of the business through direct interaction with the client. From there we develop an initial prototype that we share with the client for feedback. If the prototype is approved, we move into the actual implementation of the design, with user testing going on throughout each iteration.

A customer can expect a clean and sleek design that is visually appealing and accomplishes the tasks that they have laid out for ZEMPR. The design will allow for easy mobile access to the business when accessing a website is not entirely practical.

Data Cloud

Database Design

Database design is an important tool for any business looking to optimize data-related procedures.  A well-designed database system allows for fast data retrieval, storage, and manipulation.  Our team has experience in the design and creation of databases to ensure our clients receive a robust database system to streamline their business processes.  
We present to you a cutting-edge database design that is tailored just for your need.  Our design will maximize the efficiency of the database and thus the data processes of that business.

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Web Design

With the Internet changing the way that people consume information, websites are increasingly important to small businesses in terms of marketing their company and making information easy to access for customers. We begin the design process by getting a sense of what the customer wants and then begin prototyping. From there, we leverage our knowledge of HTML and CSS to develop a solution that serves its purpose and appeals to the taste of the customer.

Customers can expect a fully functional web site that runs on all major browsers and has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. The web site is artistically designed and uses visuals to enhance user experience.

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